Want to give your children a quality Christian education in Colorado?

Homeschooling is…
  • parent-directed and free from government control

  • growing in popularity

  • academically successful

  • a safe and nurturing learning environment

  • proven to build strong character

  • a fantastic, eternally life-changing option

Homeschooled students are well-prepared for a life of joy, work, and service.
But… do you wonder if you can really do it?

Then this is for you:

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Video 1
Common Concerns about Homeschooling

Video 2
How to Legally Homeschool in Colorado

Video 3
Benefits of Enrolling in an Umbrella School

Video 4
Schedules, Curriculum, and Community Support

Video 5
Ten Time-Tested Secrets of a Successful Education

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So who are we?

We’ve been around a little while… almost as long as homeschooling has been safe in Colorado. (Wait, did you know it used to be dangerous to homeschool here? More on that later.) Since 1990, CHEC (Christian Home Educators of Colorado) has been right here, based in the Denver area, helping to equip and encourage parents for homeschooling all around the state. Over 11,000 people have received help from CHEC to successfully homeschool over the last 15 years. We’re homeschoolers ourselves — parents and grads. We’ve been through it and are ready to help you explore if it’s the right option for you, too!

The Plan

1. Sign up for free

2. Watch every video

3. Find how to gain the right tools and a supportive community so you can decide if homeschooling is right for you!

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