Video 1

Common Concerns about Homeschooling

Video 2

How to Legally Homeschool in Colorado

Video 3

Benefits of Enrolling in an Umbrella School

Video 4

Schedules, Curriculum, and Community Support

Video 5

Ten Time-Tested Secrets of a Successful Education

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Free Starter Package

We’re so glad to connect with you about homeschooling here in Colorado. We’re CHEC — Christian Home Educators of Colorado — and we’ve helped tens of thousands of families to successfully homeschool since 1990. We’re ready to help you explore if it’s the right option for you, too!

As requested, below are the links to each item in your free starter package.

Online Educational Mini-Course:
Homeschooling in Colorado

Five short & sweet videos will walk you through common concerns about homeschooling, Colorado homeschool law, and more. All 5 videos are each between 3-6 minutes long. If you want more info on a topic, just check the links located below each video.

PDF Download:
Guide to Homeschooling in Colorado

Download (and print, if you like!) this simple overview of the ins & outs of homeschooling, how to get started, and encouragement for a vision bigger than just schoolwork.

Upgrade: Ten Secrets to the Best Education for Your Child

Learn why homeschooling has been changing hearts, revitalizing families, and developing leaders for the next generation — then be challenged and invigorated to implement these “secrets” to give your child a successful education.

Contact CHEC with Questions
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