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Common Concerns about Homeschooling

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How to Legally Homeschool in Colorado

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Benefits of Enrolling in an Umbrella School

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How to Legally Homeschool in Colorado

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You can compare Option 1 (Notice of Intent) and Option 2 (Independent School) with a handy, thorough breakout available on Click here to view. (Includes a link to the full Colorado Homeschool Law.)

Option 1: File Notice of Intent

  • Read the entire Colorado law and see a full list of each requirement on Click here to view.
  • Playing high school sports: Check the CHSSA’s handbook for full details. Click here to view.
  • Attendance: details are pretty simple but worth explaining: You are required to complete 4 hours of schooling per day for 172 days, to account for 688 hours. Those hours must be accomplished within those 172 days (cannot fit more days in, because that would lower the average below 4 hours/day.)
  • Assessment (testing) requirements: CHEC has thorough information about all your options, and even maintains a current list of accepted standardized tests and where to order them, as well as a list of professional evaluators. Click here to view.

Option 2: Enroll in an Independent School

Option 3: Be a licensed teacher

  • For parents with a Colorado teacher’s license who choose to homeschool their children, no other educational requirements exist in Colorado [according to CRS 22-33-104 (2)(b)(i)(I)].

Other Legal Items

  • You can read the full Colorado Homeschool Law & a handy table breakout on the CHEC website. Click here to view.
  • The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) fights for homeschool liberty throughout the United States. In addition, HSLDA provides a plethora of information for homeschoolers. CHEC recommends membership with HSLDA. Learn more here.
  • Curious about homeschool freedom and legal issues here in Colorado? Click here to learn more about CHEC’s work in this arena.)

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