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Common Concerns about Homeschooling

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How to Legally Homeschool in Colorado

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Benefits of Enrolling in an Umbrella School

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Schedules, Curriculum, and Community Support

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Ten Time-Tested Secrets of a Successful Education

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Common Concerns about Homeschooling

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¿Habla español?

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Check the stats: Read the Homeschooling in Colorado brochure published by CHEC. Click here to view.

Live, in-person training events: Ask questions, find community, and get the resources you need to start!

  • Homeschool Introductory Seminar — Attend in person or purchase a previously recorded seminar to watch on-demand. Learn more and register here.
  • Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference — This three-day event brings you the training, resources, and encouragement you need for Christ-centered homeschooling. It’s coming June 2023 to the Crowne Plaza Convention Center in Denver. Learn more and register here.

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